Eligible investments

The Fund aims principally at contributing to the debt financing of microfinance institutions ("MFIs") which are institutions that provide microfinance services, including (without limitation) credit, savings deposits, insurance, remittances, and housing loans, to the working poor in developing countries.

MEF offers short/medium term debt financing

The Fund focuses on the provision of short/medium-term senior debt instruments with maturities ranging from six months to three years.

Main eligibility criteria

  • Target market: World Bank member countries
  • Comply with the local banking regulation and/or as the case may be with the rules applicable to NGOs, NBFIs or other institutions not regulated under banking regulations/laws
  • Have unqualified audited statements for at least the last three financial years
  • Use an adequate information system which produces meaningful and reliable reporting on their activities on a monthly basis
  • Comply with the standards of responsible finance
  • Comply with The Smart Campaign’s Client Protection Principles
  • Comply with applicable national laws and regulations related to environmental and social performance
  • Comply with the Fund’s Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) requirements

For further information, please contact any one of the four investment advisors.